"Google Play Console Partnership Opportunity" Emails


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Anyone else getting these emails? I've been getting 1 at least every couple of days from multiple different places. Here's an example of one:

Google Play Console
Partnership Opportunity​


My name is Lisa Martin, and I am the Head of Partnership Development at "PDL Unit Space" - a leading company in the mobile application development industry. We specialize in creating engaging applications that attract over a million users monthly.

We offer you the opportunity to become part of our successful team by utilizing your Google Play Console account for publishing our apps. This agreement includes not only a one-time financial compensation for publishing but also regular monthly payments for app maintenance and updates.

Your Responsibilities:
  • Publishing our applications through your Google Play Console account.
  • Providing periodic remote access for updates and maintenance.
  • Adhering to the simple terms of our agreement.
Our Offer:
  • Initial App Submission: $15.
  • Successful Moderation: An additional $15 upon app approval.
  • First Month Live: $45.
  • Monthly Compensation for Each Subsequent Month: $75.
Additional Opportunity:

In our quest to broaden our portfolio and enhance our offerings, we are also interested in acquiring one of your apps. This move is aimed at diversifying our app range and understanding the market from a developer's perspective. If you own an app that you believe fits our criteria and are open to discussing a potential acquisition, please reach out to us. We are keen on evaluating its value and discussing a fair compensation package.

This proposition represents a lucrative opportunity for steady income with negligible effort required on your part. Should our proposal pique your interest, we invite you to get in touch for a more detailed discussion.

We eagerly await your response and are excited about the prospect of having you as part of our team.

Thank you for considering our offer.​

Apart from the fact I'd never publish apps written by someone else, I'm sure this violates one (or more) of Google's policies (despite claims in one email I received that it doesn't) - & if it doesn't I'm betting they'll change the policies so that it does.

The only reasons I can think of that someone would make this offer are:

1) They've been banned from having a developer account;
2) Their apps are malware or violate policies in other ways;
3) They are trying to gain access to your payments profiles so they can hijack them;

I'm sure there are developers who see this as an easy way to make some $ & agree to it, but I think it can only end badly for them.

- Colin.​


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This truly sounds sketchy as hell. I assume you can expect your account to be locked down, or deleted, by Google fairly quickly once they realize what's going on.

I would not touch this with a ten feet pole.


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It must be a business model developed through AI - otherwise one would have to give credit to whichever Phisher wrote that text. My company currently is getting Netflix short payment of subscription notifications - and from a courier company for additional payment before delivery is effective. They are pretty slick.

Rise UP AI your time has come.......

The secret is - always read the email message headers - it's the pain of the decade - but.......


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Today I too got one of these emails. Seems there's a lot of activity going around for things like this. Be vigilant.

And please remember to not click on anything in the mail, not even unsubscribe links. I think it's fair to assume that all links only functions to validate that a person read the email, which just makes your email more likely to recieve spam in the future.