Android Question Google play developer API question v.3 before december 2019


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Hello everyone
it's been a couple of days that this message
"Google play developer API question v.3 update apps before december 2019" etc..etcc..
comes out of the console for all my apps published in the store
What should I do? I have B4A 8.30


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i have the same problem. I don't understand the issue.

I use
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="18" android:targetSdkVersion="28"/>

I updated all Libraries with the SDK Mananger.

Must I set the minSdkVersion to 28?
What do I have to do to solve the problem?

Thank you very much.
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"The minimum version for Google Play app is 26. It will be raised to 28 on August 2019."

This only applies to new apps and updates to apps uploaded to Google Play, correct? Existing apps already on Google Play will not be affected - at least this is what a quick Google search tells me.

We should be careful to add the details that this only applies to new and updated apps, not existing apps. I think it may avoid a lot of confusion.

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