Android Question GPS or GNSS library?

Cliff McKibbin

Licensed User
I have been using the GPS libarary for some time with no problem.
On a Google Pixel 3A, I recently received the error mentioned in the following forum posting:

I then found the GNSS library in the following forum entry:

I downloaded it into my 'AdditionalLibraries' folder and selected it instead of 'GPS' in my library list.
The only change I had to make was to replace the global 'public GPS1 as GPS' with 'public GPS1 as GNSS' to get a clean compile.

The sub GPSStatus still bombed as noted in the first forum entry above so I:

1. moved the call to display a page with the GPS location and accuracy into the sub GPS_locationchanged.

2. dropped the display of satellites which I didn't need.

3. dropped the old GPSStatus sub.

The program will now work with either GPS or GNSS.

My questions are:

1. Which should we be using? GPS or GNSS?

2. If GNSS is better, should it be in the internal libraries since it was released in 2019?
I am still on B4A 12.20 so it may now be in the new version which I will install next week.

3. Is there a version since 2019?

Thanks, Cliff McKibbin