GPS serialdevice : 3 sentence in one string


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after making a test program that is decode manualy NMEA sentence, I saw that I received a single string with 3 NMEA sentences :
(program use listbox and strsplit to write NMEA sentence)

$GPZDA Date & Time
$GPGGA Global Positioning System Fix Data
$GPRMC Recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data

These 3 sentences are separated by 2 specials Characters, but I don't know witch one (represented by square)

Is someone already had this problem?

How can I decoded this 2 specials characters?

How can I change this (serial parameters?)?

How can I securize data reading to avoid crash with not numeric data in latitude and longitude (single/double....)


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Problem solve

thanks for your Help.

I unsderstand the mistake I do using GPS.dll.
My GPS object is call "GPS1" and I do a sub call GPS_GPSdecoded in place of GPS1_GPSdecoded.

So it's work fine now.