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    Good work
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    Good job!
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  6. scsjc

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    I have a problem with a to much images... the memory is full and can display the images.....
    in video can view the problem..... thanks for help !!!!

  7. scsjc

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    I put a new version 1.0 with a load images on demand (with scrolldown).....
    now the class don't have error memory with a lot images.

    i change/add this code:

    Sub sv_ScrollChanged(index As Int)
        Dim fila As Int= (Round((index/altopanel)))+1
    Dim ivb As Int = fila*2
    Dim iva As Int = ivb-1

    For a=0 To 4
    If iva+a < totalregistros Then
    If iv(iva+a).IsInitialized Then
    If iv(iva+a).Visible=False Then cargaimagen(iva+a)
    End If
    End If
    If ivb+a < totalregistros Then
    If iv(ivb+a).IsInitialized Then
    If iv(ivb+a).Visible=False Then cargaimagen(ivb+a)
    End If
    End If
    End Sub

    Sub cargaimagen(indice As Int)


    End Sub
    but if somebody have more nice solution, please tell me

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