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handi trisakti

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I searched & could not find a way to delete SMS by code.
(i tried smsplus, but maybe it doesn't work with android 4.4?)

so, let me try other approach..
is there a way to group SMS into 1 thread based on contents?
ie: group all SMS containing("received speacial offer") into 1 thread
that way i can still delete manually, by opening standard android Messages & delete-thread.

if that's not possible,
maybe create a contact named:"Spam" and add the multiple numbers that sent me the SMS ..?
hopefully, that would group the spam sms together..



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I'm affraid you have to do it manually by looping the content as the sms information from android not provide it.
Have you try the sms ThreadId ? If the sender is the same, you can get the sms using GetByThreadId and looping them faster instead of using GetAll message.
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handi trisakti

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looping them is not a problem..
what I need help with, is how to assign the SMS into a spam thread, so they're all grouped together, and I can simply delete thread, from android standard sms messaging.
--thanx for ur help..

'Declared in GLOBAL
Dim a As SmsMessages

Dim list1 As List
Dim str1, id1 As String
For i=0 To list1.Size-1
If str1.Contains("received special") Then
** assign this SMS to a spam thread
** so I can open in standard android messages,
** long-click on spam thread and delete all​
End If
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handi trisakti

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how about if I try this:
- read all SMS, if it contains spam keywords, write to a file (append) --> spam.txt
- read file spam.txt --> create a contact "SPAM" with all the phone numbers in the file
- maybe all sms will appear grouped under contact SPAM & can easily deleted ..?

i'm only starting to learn b4a, so I don't know how i can convert the above into codes yet..
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