Share My Creation H.M.I. for Logo! oba7 Siemens


OBA7 HMI is a simple mobile solution to create a man-machine interface without xml programming and communicate with the logo! 0BA7 Siemens new version with Ethernet port. The connection is possible Lan, Wifi or 3G (EDGE unstable at the moment) .You can control all 850 bytes of memory of the PLC reading inputs, outputs, and read and write blocks data and flags
The format of the memory values can be of type bool, signed integer, unsigned 16/32 bit, real (Point) and BCD
To contact the Logo! 0BA7, I used the "libnodave" bookseller (
In all cases the TCP port 102 must be open.,
The port 102 is blocked by default on routers and firewalls and should definitely be open to the entire network path.

If you have any problems, please send me an email.
Please be sure what you are doing. I also remember the warnings of the author of libnodave that the code is still beta libnodave and you assume full responsibility for its use.
Logo! is a registered trademark of Siemens AG
This version is unlimited even in unregistered version the only restriction is the limitation to a single logo
Latest version of the user manual below

a little advice ... after setting up the logo in server mode, cut power to a court order that instant reboots with new settings
Please, there is no reason why the majority of users are able to run the application, so if you have problems, unless the application is unnecessary for you, contact me, we find the solution!
good test!
Alain H.