B4J Question Has anyone added a license tool to their B4J App ?

Gary Miyakawa

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I've been looking at SoftwareKey as a method to license (and maybe get $$) out of an B4J application. They have a Java module that should be loadable but I was just wondering if anyone has either used SoftwareKey or might have some other license (and $$) tool for B4J applications.


Gary Miyakawa


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I bump this old thread, but I'd like to continue this interesting conversation..

- What would be the preferred method for licensing an app?
- I would like a convenient way of licensing my app, both for the users, and for me (I don't want to have to be ready to generate a key every time someone buys it...)
- How would you handle a license rental (monthly, yearly)?
- I would really like to have a non intrusive way to know how many people use my app.