Haven't seen it do this

Ricky D

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I have created a database application that allows me to keep track of all sorts of data for my taxi driving.

It compiles fine and also runs on the PC.

I copy the source to my PPC and then open it with Basic4PPC on the PPC.

Here is where it goes wrong - the Basic4PPC editor won't allow me to edit anything except using Del to delete text.

I can't use the soft keyboard or the slide out hard keyboard.

I'm going on holidays and won't have the app with me - i'd love to be able to make changes on the PPC.

Has anyone had this happen and if so what's the fix?

regards, Ricky


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The device editor can only show 64k characters (this is the limit of the textbox control).
If your code is larger you will need to separate it into several text files or if you are using the beta version you can use several modules instead of one big file.