Wish HEADPHONE. Read & Send Data

Jordi Casas Armengol

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I have seen several posts in the comunity that handle some issues concerning the detection of the Headphone status and sending data to its port.

Has anyone come across or have a library or solution of how to read data from the headphone (audio jack) port?

I currently managed to develope a B4A app that can auto detect headphone plugged status with a service and several activities to coupe with all UI funcionality. The only thing missing is to be able to read and send data to headphone port.

Basically I need a library that can do the same as the NXP people does:

NXP Quick Jack Solution to B4A

I have purchased their hardware board and all the software that come with it, but all the code is for Android SDK, and as a beginner I would appreciate if some one can have a look at the NXP code and tell me if it is easy to converted to B4A library.

Any help wolud be fantastic.
Thank you very much.