B4A Library HMS - In App Purchases

HMS v1.03 adds support for in app purchases.

There are several steps that need to be done on HUAWEI developers console, including: enable merchant service, enable IAP API and add products.
There are three types of products:

- Consumables: temporary purchases that can be consumed and then bought again. For example, game coins.
- Non-consumables: permanent purchases. For example, payment to remove ads.
- Subscription: Recurring payments.

This tutorial focuses on the client code.

1. Add to the manifest editor:
CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, hms.hms_iap)

2. Check if IAP is ready and supported:
Wait For (hms.IsIAPEnvReady) Complete (Ready As Boolean)
If Ready Then

Making a purchase:

Call hms.MakePurchase. Pass the price type and the product id.
Check the return code as demonstrated below. If it is a consumable product then consume it (you can also keep it and consume it in the future).
Wait For (hms.MakePurchase(hms.PRICE_TYPE_CONSUMABLE, "iap1")) Complete (PurchaseResultInfo  As JavaObject)
    If PurchaseResultInfo.IsInitialized Then
        Dim ReturnCode As Int = PurchaseResultInfo.RunMethod("getReturnCode", Null)
        Select ReturnCode
            Case 0 'ORDER_STATE_SUCCESS
                Log("Product purchased")
                Dim data As String = PurchaseResultInfo.RunMethod("getInAppPurchaseData", Null)
                'you can use this string to consume the purchase if it is a consumable product:
                Wait For (hms.ConsumePurchase(data)) Complete (Success As Boolean)
                Log("Product consumed result: " & Success)
            Case 60000 'ORDER_STATE_CANCEL
                Log("order cancelled")
            Case -1 'ORDER_STATE_FAILED
                Log("order failed")
            Case 60001 'ORDER_STATE_PARAM_ERROR
                Log("parameter error")
            Case 60051 'ORDER_PRODUCT_OWNED
                Log("product already owned")
            Case Else
                Log("Error. Return code: " & ReturnCode)
        End Select
    End If

Get owned products:

The map returned holds the products ids as keys and the "data" that can be used to consume a product as values.

Wait For (hms.ObtainOwnedPurchases(hms.PRICE_TYPE_CONSUMABLE)) Complete (OwnedProducts As Map)
If OwnedProducts.IsInitialized Then
    'example of consuming a previously purchased consumable product:
    If OwnedProducts.ContainsKey("iap1") Then
        Wait For (hms.ConsumePurchase(OwnedProducts.Get("iap1"))) Complete (Success As Boolean)
    End If
End If

Get store products information:
Wait For (hms.ObtainProductInfo(hms.PRICE_TYPE_CONSUMABLE, Array("iap1"))) Complete (ProductsInfos As List)
If ProductsInfos.IsInitialized Then
    For Each ProductInfo As JavaObject In ProductsInfos
        Dim Price As String = ProductInfo.RunMethod("getPrice", Null)
        Dim Currency As String = ProductInfo.RunMethod("getCurrency", Null)
        Dim ProductName As String = ProductInfo.RunMethod("getProductName", Null)
        'do something here...
End If

Note that I've tested it with a "test product".