Homothetic images : is this possible ?


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Currently, the 3 images modes are :
- cStretchImage
- cCenterImage
- cNormalImage

Is there an option that would allow the image to be homothetically resized ?

I hope I'm clear. If not, I'll try to explain with pictures.



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What I mean is to be able to use a "Homothetic transformation" (I checked in Wikipedia, so this one should exist ;-) )

If I use the current "cStretchImage" mode, the proportions of the picture are changed to fill enterelly the image component.

If I use cCenterImage or cNormalImage, the proportions are kept, but if the picture is bigger than the component, then only a portion of the picture will be displayed.

What I would like is to be able to see the full picture, reduced so that it fits inside the component, but keeping the initial proportions (a square will remain square).

Hope this makes sense !


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Look at the dzImage library there is a zoom function in.

ZoomImage(sourceImage, Percent): Zooms an image Percent% of the original (Percent = 0 to 1000). Returns the Zoomed Image

I am shure that this is what you are looking for.

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