Hosted Builder works great!


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The last time I did B4i work (like 3 years ago), I used a local Mac Mini as the builder, and then I even got MacOS running in a VMware machine on my Notebook so I wouldn't even need the mac mini.

I recently needed to update an app (because Apple removed my app from the store due to it "not being updated in a while").

So, I gave the hosted builder a shot because I already paid for it, but never really used it and did not want to go searching for the Mac mini and I remember the VM machine was giving me boot issues last time I tried using it.

And I must say, it worked flawlessly - very tight integration and I would never know the difference.

Great job!

Also, even though the B4i appstore submittal tutorial was a little out-dated because it mentions needing a real mac or a third party service to actually upload the app to the app store, I was pleasantly surprised to see that your hosted service also took care of that too (after I figure out how to make a single-instance password)!

Thank again Erel - it makes my job a lot easier.

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I finally found the place where I noticed the outdated info...

Hosted Mac Builder

The builder service allows you to develop iOS applications without a Mac computer.
All of the development steps can be done with the builder service except of the final step which is uploading the application to Apple App Store. This step requires a Mac or a service such as MacInCloud.