Wish Hover window over type variable or view


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THANKS for creating a larger hover window that shows all attributes of a view or a typed variable!
It allows one to drag the view larger so you can see the variables within, however, it is not movable, so if the item being viewed is toward the right of the screen, it can't be expanded large enough.
It would be very good if one could drag this window to any place on the screen and enlarge it there or default the window to open to the left of the screen so it can be enlarged to the right.
Also, it might be good to remember the size of the window so that those of us who use typed variables a lot, can set the size/location and it would not ever need to be expanded again.
...one last thing, with this window open, it defaults on the column sizes to a "short" display, it would also be good if the VALUE column used all the window space available so that once the window is expanded, one can see all that is possible without having to stretch the value column.
Thanks for all the wonderful things you've put into B4a :)