Android Question How avoid black padding on admob

Alejandro Moyano

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I'm trying to add admob ads before launch my app, and I am having troubles with padding or background:


As you can see the back lines of padding or background make it looks ugly, i tried:

BannerAd.Color = xui.Color_ARGB(1,251,247,255)
BannerAd.Padding = Array As Int(0,0,0,0)

And nothing happens, the weird is that sometimes the ad looks nice:


Any idea how to solve this?


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Any idea how to solve this?
You don't solve this.
This is the default banner when you use a test ad ID.
If you see this 2 kinds of test banners, with the lines around, it is because it works.

You can try with the real code from Admob (don't click in the banner) or include your device as test device in the Admob console.
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