1. Alejandro Moyano

    Android Question How avoid black padding on admob

    Hi, I'm trying to add admob ads before launch my app, and I am having troubles with padding or background: As you can see the back lines of padding or background make it looks ugly, i tried: BannerAd.Color = xui.Color_ARGB(1,251,247,255) BannerAd.Padding = Array As Int(0,0,0,0) And...
  2. 1lusca

    Android Question Admob interstitial adclicked event

    Hello everyone Is there a way of capturing admob interstitial ad clicked event? Thanks
  3. C

    Italian Non mi caria il banner!

    Ciao a tutti, spero che possiate aiutarmi. non so come risolvere! Ho creato un account admob, ho collegato Firebase. Aggiunta app (attualmente su Playstore). scaricato il file google-services.json e salvato nella cartella dell'app creata nel bunner pubblicitario. Successivamente ho provato a...
  4. C

    Android Question does not load the banner!

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me. I don't know how to fix! I created an admob account, I connected Firebase. App added (currently on Playstore). downloaded the google-services.json file and saved in the app folder created advertising bunner. Later tried to insert id admob test. modified...
  5. yiankos1

    Android Tutorial Data Safety Admob

    Hello team, If you recieved an email about submiting Data Safety form at Google Play Console and your apps using Admob, you can watch this video to guide you. More infos you can find here and here. Wish you a great day!
  6. Hadi57

    Android Code Snippet How to increase your Consent Rate for your GDPR CMP in Google funding Choices

    Hi Friends, As you maybe know Google can completely turn off your Ads, if EU users do not consent in GDPR CMP pop-up and there is no working solution for that. But there are some strategies that I use for increase Consent Rate that lead to show/serve more Ads and increase Monetization. Please...
  7. melonZgz

    Android Question admob ads content, google play families policy and the use of tagForChildDirectedTreatment

    Hello friends. I have been trying to update one of my games without much success, since Google has rejected my update several times, always claiming the content of the ads. Finally yesterday they removed the game from the store. A game with almost 1M downloads The problem is that it's a game...
  8. shadowdevfr

    Android Question Maven artifact not found even if it's installed through the sdk manager

    Hi! I've been using b4a for a while, but this is my first forum post. This time i'll assume I'm pretty much stuck. I'm integrating admob to my app. I added everything into the manifest, but still, an error is appearing on compiling and refreshing libraries. "Maven artifact not found...
  9. amidgeha

    Android Question How to implement AppOpenAds

    I updated B4A Sdk Manager with all recommended items and downloaded FirebaseAdMob2. Still not clear how to show AppOpenAds in normal B4A app and not B4XPages app
  10. ibkme

    Android Question how to mute ads on my app using this code from google [MobileAds.setAppMuted(true);] ??

    Hello, I want a way to mute Admob ads, ((Video reward ads, and Interstitial ads...etc)) on my app. I read this topic from Google: , but I don't know how to integrate this code into my own application using Android Studio. Is there...
  11. ArminKh1993

    B4A Library GoogleMobileAds(FirebaseAdmob 2021)

    Hi there;) Ok,I think the time has come to release my library over the new version of Google Mobile Ads SDK. This library is fully compatible with the new version(20.0.0) of GoogleMobileAds SDK. Have a look at it. ( All changes in the link...
  12. P

    Android Question help! admob size smartbanner

    I received a violation notification from Admob , i've follow the tutorial firebaseadmob library with this code: Sub ads(banner As String) BannerAd.Initialize2("BannerAd", banner, BannerAd.SIZE_SMART_BANNER) Dim height As Int If GetDeviceLayoutValues.ApproximateScreenSize < 6 Then...
  13. K

    Android Question Firebase admob Issue

    Hi All I am having an issue with my app. I am creating a simple B4x Page application, with one page [this has a couple of images and a button. there is also a panel which is the placeholder for the admob to display into. My app will install and run on my phone perfectly until I add...
  14. A

    Android Question [Solved] Admob / advertising id question on how to use

    Reading throught the code snippet on the link below: I am a little confused if we need to replace the admob unit id with the advertising id or there is no relation between both? I have checked the google link but still confused...
  15. Ivan Aldaz

    B4A Class AdMobConsentFormMultilang

    Hi This class shows the consent form required for ads in EEC countries and UK in several languages (see Consts in Class_Globals). It's almost a clone of the Google Consent form. Code is B4X, written for B4A. For the moment I don't use B4J or B4I, but I guess it's not much effort to adapt this...
  16. Schakalaka

    Share My Creation click & claim - free bitcoin faucet

    Hi everyone. after several months of work, forum posts, problems solved and money spent, I finally finished my last application in b4x It names Click & Claim, and it is a free faucet for android. The feature that distinguishes this app from the others, in addition to working, is that it saves...
  17. D

    Android Question how change AddReplacement from code?

    Hi i used admob like this: also i use this code in manifest for admob: AddReplacement($ADMOB_APP_ID$, ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~3347511713) and i want change this Replacement from...
  18. S

    Android Question Tapping on ads does not work

    I have gone through the hoops to implement AdMob ads with the FirebaseAdMob library. I have ads displaying in the app and the AdMob dashboard shows some impressions, so it seems to be implemented correctly. However, tapping on the ads has no effect - there is a flash on the ad background...
  19. A

    Android Question invalid ad request in admob google

    I have the following code Sub Globals 'These global variables will be redeclared each time the activity is created. 'These variables can only be accessed from this module. Dim AdView1 As AdView End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) 'Do not forget to load the layout...
  20. BugNot

    Android Question InterstitialAd Disable back button

    Hello, I've problem with back button... When an admob Interstitial ad is displayed, if you press the back button, you can close the ad before the ad countdown ends. I tried with a timer but the activity pauses and the timer does not work. How do I fix this? Thank you