Android Question How copy files in WebviewCache for another folder?


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I trying copy files from WebviewCache but B4A show a follow message : /data/data/mac.sicord/cache/webviewCache is not a folder.

obs : I use the Webview to show a web page and then try copy the files in the cache.


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I try this :

Dim CRLIST As List
CRLIST=File.ListFiles(File.DirInternalCache &"/webviewCache")

What I realy need is get the file image from captcha, in cache, to decode (not is possible get by other way because it´s dynamic, change every acess).


sorry, my english is very bad.


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Have a read of this old post of mine:

I think you'll find that the captcha image will not be cached anyway.
There's various methods for a webpage to tell the browser not to cache an image and i'd suspect an image such as a captcha image will use some method to ensure it is not cached.

A possible solution is to inject some javascript into the webpage.
The javascript could get a reference to the captcha image, convert it to a base64 encoded string and then pass that string to a Sub in your b4a code.
There's some example javascript on this page: