Android Question How do I properly play two or more audios at the same time?


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Hi everyone. I need to play at least 3 audio files at the same time. One for background music (MIDI, MP3), another for voice (MP3, etc.), and the third one for short sounds for sound effects.
I tried to use 2 mediaplayers for the first two, but when I tried to play the second audio, the first audio is automatically stopped. I tried to use two services for each audio but the result is the same. I also tried Jetplayer for the MIDI but it produced an error in loading a file. Maybe the Jetplayer won't load plain midi file, just a guess, I'm still reading the info about Jetplayer right now.
Although this is just one of the features of the app I'm currently working on, but it will be a big part.
Thanks a lot in advance for any help on this.

(My B4A version is 8.50 and my audio library version is 1.63)