Android Question How Lock Home Key?


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How can i disable Home Button key on my device?
I cannot handle Home key in key_press for disable it


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The HOME key cannot be captured.
I used to think like you until I try MX Player. When playing a video and set it in lock mode, you can not press Home/Back button to quit.


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1) It depends on the Android version.
2) This has been discussed many times here. Search Kiosk for example.
3) What does MX Player is very basic. It closes the status bar when you try to open it. Code here. If you're fast enough, you can use the Home or Back key in lock mode.

It is possible to redirect the Home key to your app on an unrooted phone by making it the launcher app, but personaly I won't explain how to do. If your app crashes, that may brick your device (I had to reinstall Android more than once during my tests).