Android Question How to catch a bluetooth signal from a photo-shutter

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I am new in developing with bloototh. With a bluetooth remote control (maybe a low budget standard photo-shutter), I would like to initiate a phone call to a preset number.
It is important that my App is calling this number, when the user is pressing a bluetooth-button

I think I need a little help bevore I spend weeks in learning bluetoth without success.

My most important question:
Is that what I want possible?

If someone has already done with success, which is the best way?
- which library
- is there a special port to listen if the button of the shutter was pressed

I have already tried some libraries (in a activity, no service) . The problems was
- with BLE-library my shutter device was not discovered (another fitness-tracker was discovered)
- the connection was disconnected after pairing
- pressing the button was never detected.

At moment I use this device:
Hama Q-Pic Selfie Shooter Bluetooth

Thank you very much