Android Question How to clear or remove SMS history from callLog (Sent and Recieved)


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Hi All,,
i used this code with reflection to clear Call Logs ,but SMS still in the Log Calls, i need a code to clear all logs calls+sms.

Sub DelLogsCalls
Dim r As Reflector
r.Target = r.GetContext
r.Target = r.RunMethod("getContentResolver")
Dim CONTENT_URI As Object = _
   r.GetStaticField("android.provider.CallLog$Calls", "CONTENT_URI")
r.RunMethod4("delete", Array As Object(CONTENT_URI, Null, Null), Array As String("", "java.lang.String", "[Ljava.lang.String;"))
''You should also add the following permissions:
End Sub
yes i have another question : How to delete all stored contacts & SMS?
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