Android Question how to connect Bluetooth to B4A designer


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Basic4Android V3.82
For some days I try to install BA4 on a new laptop ASUS X93S that runs Windows 7 (64bits)

No problem on the side of Basic4Android, I compiles well, I have my * APK and if I mail this * APK-mail on my cell phone, I can install it and it works well.

BUT I can't connect the B4A designer even by cable or by Bluetooth!
I still have this answer << An Error occured no radio device found. >> For Bluetooth.

I'm particularly interested by Bluetooth,
The WIFI use it for internet
I am not sure if my Bluetooth is really good, well installed
Now: the only thing I can do is listen the music on my laptop that I have on my smartphone via Bluetooth

You can see on picture blu_1 what I have for my Bluetooth

B4A bridge V 2.10 is installed on my smartphone and I see my laptop as paired BUT it goes no further

On the B4A / tools / B4A Bridge / Connect - Bluetooth : I dont find anything exept this message << An error occurred. >> No radio found as shown in the picture Blu_2

What should I do?
what are your solutions?

I can use the cable, but is not working also !

Thank you for all your help.