Android Question How to connect to HiSuite


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My Huawei P Smart is great, but HiSuite was not friendly at all. When as instructed I switched on "Allow HiSuite to use HDB", no confirmation dialog appeared on the phone.

I could not connect, Googled for it, and landed in discussions where nothing was clear cut about the solution.

Then after much reading, I found the solution that unlocked things for me :

1. Go to settings/Developer options, and set "Select USB configuration" as Media Transfer Protocol(MTP)

2. Start Hisuite and lo and behold, now when I plug the cable to the PC and enable hdb, I get the dialog to allow hiSuite and am able to click OK.

Note that at the same time, Windows 10 shows a convenient window where I can access the content of the phone as simply as any part of the PC's hard drive.

I post this for others in the same predicament, hoping it gives them the solution.