Android Question Huawei 10 Mate lite and answer incoming call by using up volume button

Dear specialists,
I do not see at all and I AM heavily wrestling with a gesture to answer an incoming call on Huawei Mate 10 Lite. By default, a sighted person uses one finger to fast swipe from left to right at The bottom part of The phone glass. But I must use two fingertips because the Android accessibility suite is running. If I do not have smooth fingertips, and if I do not swipe fast, I can not answer the incoming call immediately. Unfortunately, Phone is a system app and when I have tried to find the answer to the incoming calls app on Google Play, no app could answer an incoming call. I have only heart special beep and some build in security routines blocked answer an incoming call.
Does somebody of us know, if there is any routine that could be used to detect volume up keypress and answer incoming calls?
Sure. I could buy a Bluetooth headset or a wired one. But it is not a smart solution.