B4J Tutorial How to create and test a CustomView


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This is a continuation of the MashSkeletor concept. If you are a beginner in b4j custom views you might find this very helpful. In this part, the custom view structure was created and now its time to use it in a B4J project and test its functionality.

You will have to start with both videos in this post (step 1) to create your custom view with MashSkeletor and after that continue here. It's easy. There you define the events, designer properties and properties, this then generates the skeleton code for your custom view. You can then later customize this according to your needs and wants.

Step 1:

MashSkeletor Videos

Step 2:

This step involves, copying the skeleton custom view code from MashSkeletor to a new B4J project, updating the designer properties, linking the events and doing a test run. Easy peasy... Here we go.