How to detect whether SIP is active / not?


just want to ask this.. How to detect whether the SIP is active or not. Because I want to make application that the control will resize automatically (ex:list/box) when SIP is active, and resize again when the SIP is deactivated.

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Oh Ok, thank you Erel for your fast response and -straight to the point- answer.

Sometimes developer/programmer try to hide/mask weakness of his product by telling consumer around of nothing (bullsh*t)...

Respect to you, Erel.. :sign0188:


Thanks Cableguy,.. that's the problem. Sometimes user can select the low right icon of SIP. And that's out of our control. So if we have controls below the SIP line, they will be hidden behind of the SIP. That's not good.

I saw lots of dictionary software ( is cool), medical program ( Try download one of them and it looks like the program can detect whether SIP currently active or not. Because when i activate it manually (by tap on the most low right icon of SIP) the table / list can resize automatically and so when i deactivate it manually.

But, according to Erel's answer.. it looks like possible, isn't it? (yeah, even it maybe for next version of hardware lib).

Cheers... :sign0060:

Heyy.. its weird! Couple minutes ago I saw cableguy's post on this thread... (so i wrote the answer above) but now... its gone... Something wrong?
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I did answer, but since Erel's response was a lot more extensive than mine, and was posted seconds before, I decided to delete it.
I don't want people to think that I reply to just about anything posted...