Other How to discover that the JobDone event exists in the IDE


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I am wondering if I am missing something.
I was playing around with code Erel provided which uses the httpjob to download images.
In it he uses the JobDone event for when the download is complete.
Unlike with an FTP object, for example, when you type Sub and the hit the tab key, httpjob isn't one of the type options provided.
It's not a big deal in the sense that I can easily find this information when I search on the forum but I was wondering if it was available in the IDE also?


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I was wondering if it was available in the IDE also?
What do you mean exactly?
There is NO UI in httpjob. NO CHANCE to use it in the Designer.

WHERE exactly in the IDE are you expecting something?
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@j_o_h_n is correct here. JobDone is a non-standard event. It will not appear in the list of events that appear after you write Wait For + tab (or Sub + tab).

The reasons are historic. OkHttpUtils2 evolved from Httputils2 which was evolved from HttpUtils. HttpUtils was implemented this way.
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