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I am using B4XRulerPicker to draw a project, but I want to used min value is 0 and max value is 70.
I having a problem when draw.

Can anyone help me.

Below is my coding

'version 1.00
#DesignerProperty: Key: LinesColor, DisplayName: Lines Color, FieldType: Color, DefaultValue: 0xFFFFFFFF, Description: Text color
#DesignerProperty: Key: BackgroundColor, DisplayName: Background Color, FieldType: Color, DefaultValue: 0xFF000000, Description: Text color
#DesignerProperty: Key: GapsWidth, DisplayName: Gaps Width (dpi), FieldType: Int, DefaultValue: 10
#DesignerProperty: Key: StepValue, DisplayName: Step Value, FieldType: Int, DefaultValue: 1
#DesignerProperty: Key: SnapToGrid, DisplayName: Snap To Grid, FieldType: Boolean, DefaultValue: True
#Event: ValueChanged (Value As Float)
Sub Class_Globals
    Private mEventName As String 'ignore
    Private mCallBack As Object 'ignore
    Private mBase As B4XView 'ignore
    Private xui As XUI 'ignore
    Private cvs As B4XCanvas
    Private mValue As Float = 0
    Private touchXposition As Int
    Private touchXValue As Float
    Private LinesColor As Int
    Private BackgroundColor As Int
    Private GapsWidth As Int
    Private StepValue As Int
    Private RulerScale As Float
    Private fnt As B4XFont
    Private LongLineInterval As Int = 5
    Private TrianglePath As B4XPath
    Private ShortLineLength, LongLineLength As Int
    Private SnapToGrid As Boolean
    Private TextOffset As Int
    #if B4A or B4i
    Private StubPanel As Panel 'ignore
    Type MouseEvent (X As Int, Y As Int)
    #End If
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize (Callback As Object, EventName As String)
    mEventName = EventName
    mCallBack = Callback
End Sub

'Base type must be Object
Public Sub DesignerCreateView (Base As Object, Lbl As Label, Props As Map)
    mBase = Base
    Dim pnl1 As B4XView = xui.CreatePanel("pnl1")
    mBase.AddView(pnl1, 0, 0, 1dip, 1dip)
    LinesColor = xui.PaintOrColorToColor(Props.Get("LinesColor"))
    BackgroundColor = xui.PaintOrColorToColor(Props.Get("BackgroundColor"))
    GapsWidth = DipToCurrent(Props.Get("GapsWidth"))
    StepValue = Props.Get("StepValue")
    SnapToGrid = Props.Get("SnapToGrid")
    RulerScale = StepValue / GapsWidth
    Dim xlbl As B4XView = Lbl
    fnt = xlbl.Font
    TextOffset = 15dip
    If xui.IsB4i Then TextOffset = 25dip
    Base_Resize(mBase.Width, mBase.Height)
End Sub

Private Sub Base_Resize (Width As Double, Height As Double)
     mBase.GetView(0).SetLayoutAnimated(0, 0, 0, Width, Height)
    Dim w As Int = Width
    If w Mod 2 = 1 Then w = w + 1
    cvs.Resize(w, Height)
    TrianglePath.Initialize(w / 2 - 5dip, 0)
    TrianglePath.LineTo(w / 2 + 5dip, 0)
    TrianglePath.LineTo(w / 2, 10dip)
    ShortLineLength = Height / 4
    LongLineLength = Height / 2
End Sub

Private Sub draw
    'Log("mValue   " & mValue & "  " & RulerScale)
    Dim CenterPosition As Int = Round(mValue / RulerScale)
    Dim x0position As Int = CenterPosition - cvs.TargetRect.Width / 2
    Dim FirstLinePosition As Int = Floor(x0position / GapsWidth) * GapsWidth
    If FirstLinePosition < x0position Then FirstLinePosition = FirstLinePosition + GapsWidth
    Dim FirstLineValue As Int = FirstLinePosition * RulerScale
    cvs.DrawRect(cvs.TargetRect, BackgroundColor, True, 0)
    Dim counter As Int = FirstLineValue / StepValue
    For x = FirstLinePosition To x0position + cvs.TargetRect.Width Step GapsWidth
        If counter Mod LongLineInterval = 0 Then
            Dim v As Int = x * RulerScale
            If v >= 0 And v <= 70 Then
                cvs.DrawLine(x - x0position, 0, x - x0position, LongLineLength, LinesColor, 2dip)
                cvs.DrawText(v, x - x0position, LongLineLength + TextOffset, fnt, LinesColor, "CENTER")
            End If
            If counter >= 0 And counter <= 70 Then
                cvs.DrawLine(x - x0position, 0, x-x0position, ShortLineLength, LinesColor, 1dip)
            End If
        End If
        counter = counter + 1
    cvs.DrawRect(cvs.TargetRect, LinesColor, True, 0)
End Sub
#if B4A or B4i
Private Sub pnl1_Touch (Action As Int, X As Float, Y As Float)
    Private ed As MouseEvent
    ed.X = X
    ed.Y = Y
    If Action = StubPanel.ACTION_DOWN Then
    Else if Action = StubPanel.ACTION_MOVE Then
    End If
End Sub
#End If
Private Sub pnl1_MousePressed (EventData As MouseEvent)
    touchXposition = EventData.X
    touchXValue = mValue
End Sub

Private Sub pnl1_MouseDragged (EventData As MouseEvent)
    mValue = touchXValue - (EventData.X - touchXposition) * RulerScale
    CallSubDelayed2(mCallBack, mEventName & "_valuechanged", mValue)
End Sub

Private Sub pnl1_MouseReleased (EventData As MouseEvent)
    If SnapToGrid Then
        Dim x1 As Int = Floor(mValue / StepValue) * StepValue
        Dim x2 As Int = x1 + StepValue
        If mValue - x1 < x2 - mValue Then
            mValue = x1
            mValue = x2
        End If
        CallSubDelayed2(mCallBack, mEventName & "_valuechanged", mValue)
    End If
End Sub

Public Sub getValue As Float
    Return mValue
End Sub

Public Sub setValue (f As Float)
    mValue = f
End Sub

and here my image that got problem. the place i draw circle i want dont want to show it.