B4J Question How to use 2 PiFace2 with Raspberry

Jaume Guillem

Licensed User
I am trying an application where two PiFace2 cards are needed.
The pins that assign the number are clear on the card, but I can't get the second one to work.

With one card I use:

Dim controller1 As GpioController
Dim input0 As GpioPinDigitalInput
Dim Output0 As GpioPinDigitalOutput

controller1.InitializePiFace (0x40,0)
input0.Initialize ("sw0", 0)
Output0.Initialize (0, False)

This works perfectly, but if I try to assign more inputs or outputs

input8.Initialize ("sw8", 8)
Output8.Initialize (8, False)

they do not accept it.

Also with a single card, but assigning bus 1 (to test) does not work either
controller1.InitializePiFace (0x40,1)
( having the jumpers correctly to bus 1 on the card).

It seems that only ONE card can be used AND on bus 0.

Anyone know how to work with both cards?