Android Question how to use felUsbSerial?


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Hello everybody.
We must read 20 bytes from a USB chip supported by felUsbSerial, but i don't understand the BUFFER_READ_SIZE documentation
It says >>> Default value is 16 * 1024, but what is this exactly ?
How many bytes is this ? For me a byte is 8 bit, also default buffer are >>> 16 x 1024 = 16384 byte ?

Also it is possible to write this code with felUsbSerial library ?

looy byte N° about the buffer():
Private Sub serial_DataAvailable (Buffer() As Byte)        ' bytes received
    Dim freq, fb1, fb2, fb3, fb4, fb5, fb6, fb7, fb8, fb9, fb10 As Int
    Label2.Text = Buffer(8) ' to look data at byte n°8