Android Question How Update to XUI V1.20

Jorge M A

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Hello everyone.

I need to use the badger class available in this example: [B4X] [XUI] Badger - Add badges to views

Where specify that it require version 1.2 of XUI:
V3.00 - Based on XUI. Requires XUI v1.20

In this link [B4X] [XUI] Cross platform & native UI library, indicates that XUI already belong to the internal libraries.
However, after updating to version 8.80 of B4A (Registered Version), I only see version 1.90 of XUI

I have been looking for 1.2 version of XUI, in official updates, and other searches, without success.

Can you guide me on where to find it or how to proceed?

Thank you very much in advance.


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Check if you, accidently, have an xui in the additional libs folder and remove it from there if so.
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