HTTP maximum request size and method problems

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by willisgt, Aug 25, 2007.

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    I am trying to find a way to move database records back and forth between a mySQL database and the mobile device. Right now, I'm trying to do this by means of a series of HTTP requests.

    To download, I do something simple like tell the php script on the server side which record I want. The server can answer with as long a string as it likes, and the device handles it just fine.

    To upload, I have to send the field names and values as part of the request. Problem is, HTTP has a limit on just how much data can be sent as part of an HTTP request. On my device, it seems to be about 2K. If I exceed that limit, the device chokes. (Running the app on the desktop produces no errors or problems regardless of the size of the request.)

    I've tried every http method in the lib. All of them (except POST) seem to be interpreted by my Apache server as if I'd sent a GET request. If I remember correctly, the POST was interpreted by the server as a POST, but I couldn't read the data (fields and values). It just wasn't there.

    So I need to find a way to send *very long* strings to the server within the HTTP request. I can't break the string down any further; in my application, some database fields contain several kilobytes of text.

    Alternatively, does anyone know a better way to transfer data between an SQLite database (on the device) and a mySQL database (on the server)?

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