B4J Question HttpJob in server.handler


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I have a problem.
I have the handler
srvr.AddHandler ("/get/*", "link", False)
The server reads in the format '' https: // localhost / get / username / password '
Based on the data from the link, a link is downloaded that downloads from another server via httpjob. When he wants to send via resp, no result.

How to solve it?

Sub Handle(req As ServletRequest, resp As ServletResponse)
    Dim url As String = req.FullRequestURI
    url = url.SubString(url.IndexOf("get/")+4)
    Dim user As String = url.SubString2(0,url.IndexOf("/"))
    Dim pass As String = url.SubString(url.IndexOf("/")+1)
    Dim link As String = DBM.SQLSelectSingleResult("select link from table where user=? and pass=?", Array As String(user, pass))
    If link.Length >10 Then
        resp.Write("test1") '=> send OK
        Dim j As HttpJob
        j.Initialize("", Me)
        Wait For (j) JobDone(j As HttpJob)
        If j.Success Then
            resp.Write("test2") '=> no send , webbrowser empty
            Dim value As String = j.GetString
            Log(value) => 'value is OK
            resp.Write(value) ' => no send , webbrowser empty
        End If
        resp.Write("Bad :(")
    End If
End Sub


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I am unable to test right now. And it's a bit a shot in the dark.
But have you tried handling on the main thread? I don't exactly know how the Wait For works internally, but it could be a threading issue.
So instead of

srvr.AddHandler ("/get/*", "link", False)

srvr.AddHandler ("/get/*", "link", True)
Also, have you debugged your "link" variable? Are you 100% sure your link is actually returning data?

As a sidenote: You're passing credentials via GET requests and save passwords unhashed, both are considered very bad practice and are insecure.