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I have moved to a new server. The program uploads without problems on the opd one, but not on the new one.

I did not change anything but the name of the host. The old server is Windows 2003, the new one Windows 2012 R2.

Any ideas?

My code looks like this:

   inp= File.OpenInput(Main.outdir,fname)
  req.InitializePost(Main.hostname & "uploadform.asp", inp, size)
   HttpClient1.Execute(req, 1)

Sub HttpClient1_ResponseError (Response As HttpResponse, Reason As String, StatusCode As Int, TaskId As Int)
   Log("Error " & Reason)
   Log (Response)
End Sub

These are my logs:

startit 9127a986-5be0-4815-aea7-4af70ec6eb73_s.jpg
*** Here I start the upload of a file. The file exists.
*** This is responseError
Error Internal Server Error
startit db.txt
Error Internal Server Error

Sometimes I also get this error:
startit 10491c14-f367-4412-81b7-569d26b204a8_s.jpg open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)


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You have to make sure your iis permission are correctly setup to the output folder, make sure that the iis user has write permissions once that is validated try again
if this is your personal server asp is not enabled by default on windows server 2012

you could also try converting your classic asp solution to at some point you will get better performance
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Thank you.

You were right, I had to set the folder to read/write und to give the IUSR read/write permissions. Should have thought of that myself.

Thasnks a lot, you might have saved me some hours!
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