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    Some of the new Android libraries use Java 8 features. Android doesn't natively support those features so they must be removed (desugared) at some point.

    When you wrap a library that includes such features you need to desugar the wrapped library. This is done with an Android tool named desugar.

    It can be downloaded from here:
    This input of this tool is a jar file and the output is a "desugared" jar. You need to do it once and then use the desugared jar.

    The latest version of ExoPlayer depends on 7 AAR packages. Desugaring these packages requires several steps:
    - Extract the inner classes.jar from each AAR.
    - Desugar it.
    - Put it back or remove the original one.

    To make things easier I wrote a small B4J app that does the following steps:
    - Extracts all classes.jar and merges them to a single jar.
    - The classes.jar files are removed from the AAR files.
    - The merged jar is desugared.

    Go over the code before you use it.
    Note that it calls zip info:
    If the classes.jar depend on other libraries then you will need to add references by adding additional --bootclasspath_entry parameters.

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  2. Alberto Iglesias

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    This working fine for my next library! Thank you!
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