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Hi everybody!

Now live on Google Play:

It's time to go bug hunting before this game hits the Store! :D
Hopefully there will not be many bugs to report, but knowing my luck, I'm expecting quite a few... :rolleyes:

I've posted this game before, but I decided to remove it from the GPlay and make a few significant changes.

New Stuff:
- Ad Supported: This game is now free.
- In-House Ads: I have now full control on which Ads should be displayed, Adbuddiz or my own.
- Game Engine: The difficulty increases for each new level.
- Global High Score Database: Taking my first steps in MySQL.
- Gold Coins: I've created an (experimental) concept of gold coins, a kind of virtual currency that you can use across all my apps and games.
- Composed by me, myself and I on FL Studio 11. :D
- Basic shapes and free fonts. Everything assembled in Photoshop CS6.
Special Thanks:
- @Peter Simpson: MySQL and DataBase support
- @Informatix: LibGDX support
- @LucaMs: Custom font code snippet
- @sorex, @NJDude, @thedesolatesoul, @Cableguy, @RandomCoder, @DonManfred, @ilan @Erel: General support
- ...and everybody else who ever helped or motivated me. :)


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i really like your game and the music is perfect...

good job, you got talent ... maybe you should try to sell games background music loops..

about the ads, today its very hard to make money from them so maybe consider put some inapp purchase and remove the ads completely


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Thank you so much, Ilan!! :) I'm glad you enjoy both the game and the music as well. With FL Studio, it's really easy to get some loops going in less than one hour.
I'll definitely experiment with in-app purchases in the near future... I do already have some plans for that... ;)

The Google Play "go-live" should occur during next week. I just wanna perform a few more tests to be sure everything's working 99%.

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