I am new and Thank you for help

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by wilhelmeros, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. wilhelmeros

    wilhelmeros New Member Licensed User

    Hello to all users and helpers,
    i am new in basic4ppc an need a little help for the following problem.

    1. My (unwritten) program, must open the MyDocuments/My Pictures Folder and read all files in it.
    2. I create 4 Buttons and a Image-Field.
    2a. The first Button go forward one picture and show it in the image-field.
    2b. A click on the second button goes one pic back.
    2c. The third button show a pic in fullscreen.
    3d. The fourth button end fullscreen mode.

    How i can do this?
    What code i need?

    Can you help me?

    Thank you therefore
  2. Mr_Gee

    Mr_Gee Active Member Licensed User

    Welcome to the forum
    1 you need to read the contents of the directory into an array list (filesearch)
    2 you should be able to figure that out by yourself
    2a load the 2nd entry in the arraylist into the image
    2b almost the same as the above
    2c you need an external dll for this
    2d same as the above

    use the "help" page on the frontpage... most of the functionality is mentioned there
  3. klaus

    klaus Expert Licensed User

    Welcome to the B4PPC forum.

    What kind of help are you expecting ?
    Somebody who writes the progrm for you ?
    Are you new only to B4PPc, or are you new to Basic in general.

    I would suggest you to begin on your own an when you have more precise questions because you don't know how to go further ask these questions on the forum.
    In reading the help files Basic4ppc - Windows Mobile programming and Pocket PC Development you will get a lot of information to familiarize with B4PPC.
    In searching on the forum in the 'Share your creations', 'Open Source Projects' or 'Code Samples&Tips' you will for shure find some applications where you can look in how to do it.

    For me, the best way of learning has always been 'learn by doing'.

    Mr_Gee has already given some advices to begin.

    Best regards and I am waiting for your questions.
  4. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    In order to STILL have the 4 buttons visible and available, You CANNOT do Fullscreen to show just the image, as we know it (NO TOP AND NO BOTTOM BARS).
    I think you mean a full screen as a larger view of the picture but still keep the 4 buttons visible/workable, and for this, just enlarging and repositionin the image control will be suficient...
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