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hi, i try to use b4i but i can't find a good documentation.
i read the beginners guide 1.1, but i see that this guide explain mainly the use of ide.
then i try to use the help online, but i see that this is a simple list of objects and libraries, without explanation of why use an object and without online example ( excluding the examples of code attached to beginners guide)

for example :
i search on help online all events of the object "Page"
and in online guide i find :

BarButtonClick (Tag As String)
KeyboardStateChanged (Height As Float)

but i know that is the resize event and this is not included in list of events
anyway the biggest problem ares :

what is an object
what i can do with this object
why i must use this object instead of another
and the example for use this object

can anyone suggest me if there is a lot of documentation of what i required in this post ?
tnx (ps. sorry for my bad english)

Paulo Barros

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Page object is included in iCore Library
Each library has a xml file present in the programs libraries.
Find iCore.xml and you will find all the Class, events,methods and properties related to the library.
To just prove methods and properties you have a fantastic inline help connected to the type you are using.

Hoping this will help you
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but i know that is the resize event and this is not included in list of events
The resize event is not listed in the Page object because it belongs to the Pane object.
The root pane event name value is the same as the page event name value.

I recommend you to use the site search. You can limit the results to B4i by adding b4i to the search term:
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