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I set the icon notification as from guide:
Icon As String [write only]
Sets the icon displayed.

The icon value is the name of the image file without the extension. The name is case sensitive.

The image file should be manually copied to the following folder: source folder\Objects\res\drawable. After this you have to make the file read only. Otherwise it will be deleted on compilation.

You can use "icon" to use the application icon (which is also located in this folder):

n.Icon = "icon"
I set a png image 32x50, all work fine, the icon is showed correct on toolbar and on notification list,
but on Lillipop,
1) The icon on notification list show the icon of application, not icon notification
2) on notification list in block mode, the icon notification is very small.

I have tried to set 5 icons on drawable-hdpi, ecc,ecc, but is worse

What is the correct procedure?

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It shows the correct icon on Nexus 5 running Android 5.1:

(Pay attention to the compilation warnings.)
Yes, the icon un toolbar is correct "temple", but when i drop-down, into notification list show the app icon and not the notification icon,
With androin 4 show the same icon (notification)