Wish IDE: A REPL would be nice


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Now and then I find myself longing for a REPL in B4A, it's such a nice tool to have. I'd like to be able to use it both when just straight coding, to try short things (I realize that this might not be possible, perhaps it needs to run on an Android - I don't really know for sure.) And I'd also very much like to access one when debugging. Typically when I'm stepping through some code, to just open the REPL and try some things, it really speeds up the development.

I imagine that some people in the B4A community might not know what a REPL is, so to give a short explanation:
A REPL is an interactive way of using a language. REPL itself stands for Read, Eval, Print, Loop. Basically you'd write something (the read part), the language would evaluate it (the eval part) and print the result (the print part) and then just loop back to the read part again, until terminated by the user.

Here is the Wikipedia page about REPL:

If you are using Chrome, you can access the built-in REPL of the browser by opening the developer tools and show the console. There you can write javascript and try things out without creating a whole webpage, etc. Plus it works within the context of the current webpage you're visiting, which is an important thing. (Most other browsers can do this nowadays, I just don't know the commands for them. Look for Developer Tools, or something like it.)

Here's two other examples.

A REPL for Node (meaning it's actually running Javascript)

A REPL for Laravel, called Artisan Tinker (which is a PHP framework)