Bug? IDE Intellisense parsing error


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If I have a routine declared as such:

Sub LogAppEvent(ErrorEvent As Boolean, EventText As String, DisplayToast As Boolean, DisplayMsgBox As Boolean, MsgBoxTitle As String)

And then I am writing the below code in another module that will call the above routine:

Blacktop.LogAppEvent(True,"TAGERROR_Read: TE=0 (tagstring=" & TagString & ")",False,False,"")

As I start typing the above line and get to the point of finishing the sub name (LogAppEvent), the IDE's intellisense help window properly pops up the corresponding sub's declaration so I can see what parameters it needs. Normally, as I then type the value of each parameter, the current parameter name that I am currently entering a value for is displayed in BOLD in the pop-up intellisense helper window.

The problem happens right when I press the trailing quote mark after the text "& TagString & " in the above line. Right when I type that second quote, the pop-up parameter helper window disappears and doesn't come back.

It seems the intellisense pop-up window gets lost if I enter two quote marks for the same parameter and doesn't know which parameter I am currently in.