Wish IDE to warn about duplicate packagenames (when they have different application names) for Newbies ;)


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This has happened like 2-3 times in the last week or so...

A [new to b4a] user reports that when they try to install a second b4a app, the first b4a app disappears.

This obviously happens because the two projects have the same package name even if the applicationlabel is different.

Would it be possible for the IDE, before it deploys the APK, to check to see if an app with the same packagename is already installed on the device, and if so, then see if the applicationlabels are different, and if so, display a warning about the duplicate package name?

This way, if the user uses the same package name and applicationlabel, then it's ok to overwrite the previous without a warning because the user will expect this behavior. But, if the applicationlabels are different, the user probably doesn't realize this common mistake and the warning will be very helpful to them.


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Most of us have experienced something of this nature until you learn from it.

Now am used to immediately setting package name after starting every new project.

My newbies, Anytime you start new project, make sure to set new unique package name to that project before you start your development.