Android Question Imageview doesn't show the files options


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I´m trying now to develop a smal progtram to test the widgets and I download the sample from the tutorial to make some changes.

I will use just an imageview and a label and I erase the images from the file directory and add a file name SOS.PNG and in the file list I add the new file and erase the others.

In the designer I tryed to set the image as sos.png but this option doesn´t appear and still appears the files deleted already.
I attach the print screen.



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In the right corner of the image you can see the "sos.png" added to File Manager and I deleted the old images from the File Manager and the directory File.
The "player_button...." images still appears as options and the "sos.png" don´t.


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You need to add the image to the layout files tab.
will this remain like that?

I remember asking about this aswell 2 years ago and you wrote that it might be reviewed in newer versions.

It doesn't make sense (to me) to add images on 2 places, you could just read out the images from what we add to the files panel and let us select them in the designer.