Imagine a world...


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...where the first position of an array is 1 and not 0.
Dim a(10) as Int

For i = 1 to 10
     label1.text = label1.text & a(i) & crlf
World peace achieved, no more war, hunger or misery on the planet. Humanity is united. Perfect utopia.

Hell yeah!!!! :cool::D


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Well, I do have a solution for you : remember that your school teacher lied to you !
0 is one and sole
1 is a twin
Should be better and you will be able to buy those companies :D


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you as a developer should know that as you learn the new language
Damned, I even don't know where I have put the keys of my car ;)
Should I PM a kind IT guy to remember me

But, I wonder why not all languages don't use the ZERO as a base. It spoils the memory :rolleyes:


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It's normal to start from zero.. when you travel you start from mile zero, right? Mile one is one mile away (Duh!)
if you started from mile 1 then you will end your trip 1 mile past your destination and you need to make a U-turn, and you will never
be able to stop at the destination, and will U-turn until tomorrow.


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Visual Basic has 'option base 1' to change the default base for arrays (if I remember correctly) from 0 to 1
I once tried to implement OPTION BASE in a program and it confused the hell out of me. It literally gave me nightmares.
Stick with zero....


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I don't care either way, althoug, occasionally, it would be nice to be able to set any base, such as:

Dim Year(1900 to 2100) as int

This way, by the way, is how i declare every array in VB, with an explicit lower boundary, even if it is 0, just to be clear.

To be honest, though, I think the 0 based arrays are a leftover from when memory space was a real issue, and by starting with 0, you gained another possible slot with the same size variable. Now, you can just slap a 32 or 64 bit int there and store as many items as you like, because a few bytes more is neglible (and, in some cases, preferable, as the CPU may be faster with types equal to the data bus width, and probably allocates that much for a variable anyway).