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I created a "Demo app" (with restrictions) and and a Pro app (full)
I register the demo as in-app and on the demo the purchase will be for the Pro app.
Before doing experiments, I would like to know if my reasoning is correct and feasible, or not.
Thank you


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The reasoning is wrong.
There are two ways to get what you want.
  1. Create two Apps to be inserted in the store. A free App that has limitations and a complete fee. In the free one indicate that you can buy the full version from Google Play.
  2. The second method is to have only one App, with restrictions that can be unlocked by purchasing functions with the AppInBilling service (you can find library and documentation on the forum). The products / services to be sold are chosen and placed on the developer's panel in the App in Billing section. The user clicks on the purchase and the app will receive the payment confirmation and you can unlock the complete functions
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