Android Question In-app Sales (General questions)

Eme Fibonacci

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I am beginning to understand the sale in-app. I have read the tutorials but I have some (very basic) questions.

For example:

If my game has score (Coins) and player wins 5 coins per completed level:

1) Can I save this value on a map? (example: coins=75)

2) If the player buys a bundle of coins (100 coins: Price US$ 1) should I add this value to variable score and save on map? (coins = 175)

3) If the application data was deleted then the player lose its new coins?

4) How will this price be shown in different languages and currencies?

Any information will be welcome.

Thank you.

Eme Fibonacci

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I should have asked at first post. Sorry.

5) Can I create a simple app (for example 4 buttons to simulate package sales? And removal ads? Send to play store and simulate buying with cents? without publish?
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