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I use klaus’s clsWheel ver 2.6 in a project where I display a single wheel consisting of a list of close to 50 items imported from a text file in assets. I had to make the below change to the class module to display 20 items. But if I change that to a much larger number, the list font becomes extremely small to a point where it is unreadable. Is there a way to keep the font size the same or enlarge it when lots of items are shown on the screen. I like to achieve almost the same effect as the attached Desired.png screenshot. But I am close with: clsWheelExample081318.png screenshot.
Private ItemNb = 20 As Int  'I changed the original from 5 to 20.


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The problem with the text size is the following:
The ItemNb variable holds the visible items number, not the number of items in the wheel, this is known with the WheelContent List size.
The program calculates the height of the visible part with the TextSize and the visible number of items.
If the height exeeds 100%y the program reduces the TextSize to make sure that all visible items are visible.
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