Bug? Index was outside the bounds of the array???


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I just upgraded to B4A 5.03 from 4.x and when I tried to load in my first existing project, I got this error:

"An error occurred.
Error Loading file.
Index was outside the bounds of the array."

What is wrong - I am dead in the water now because I cant load this project that just today loaded fine in v4.

I will try to downgrade back to 4.x because I have a deadline to meet with this project, so I hope doing so will waste any time with headaches.


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Now its giving me the same error AFTER downgrading to v4.3 AND restoring my project files that I luckily backed up before installing V5.

What gives! Now I have to waste time getting V4.3 working which was just working fine before trying to upgrade to v5 :(

What system files could V5 have changed that now V4 wont work????


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did you install it in the same folder? if so, reneame that folder and try again.


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I found out this problem - luckily in quick order.

For some reason, B4A 4.x corrupted my project.b4a file today - it had these two lines in it:


As you can see the first parameter in "Build1" is missing, causing the initial problem. So I replaced both lines with the single default value:


But then I got another error:

"An error occurred.
Error loading file.
index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less then the size of the collection.
Parameter name: Index"

This seems to have been caused by my project.b4a.meta having these entries in it:


This second error appears to been caused by me reducing the number of builds in my project.b4a file from 2 to one (to fix the first problem), but the meta file had "SelectedBuild=1", which now doesn't exist, so I had to change it to "0" so its in sync with the change I made to the project.b4a file above.

I don't know what the "ModuleClosedNodes3=59" line does, but the version of my project that loaded OK from yesterday had a value if 58, so I also did this change to make sure this issue will be fixed.