Android Question Indexoutofboundsexception help me pls


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I'd like to know if you can help me. It's about a week I'm working about, but I can't find the error.

In the module Levels, in the Sub "Estrazione2Numeri", I think there's an error about line 158.

This should be a memory game. The first level is ok. The array of 6 buttons will be created, but, when the buttons are deleted for going to the second level (array of 12 buttons) when the code go to Sub "InserisciRigaLista" and the variable TotEstratti go to 12 (TotEstratti(10) + 2), the code return to the Sub "Estrazione2Numeri".. there something crash and the system put in the log "IndexOutOfBoundException", without indicate the line error (it's an error of program that's can't resolving into the code.

But why? It's impossible. I've controlled this many and many times, but I don't know what be the problem.

Thanks very much at all.

You can download the complete project here: http:\\\