B4A Library Install/Uninstall in background application

Discussion in 'Additional libraries, classes and official updates' started by imgsimonebiliato, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. imgsimonebiliato

    imgsimonebiliato Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi everyone,
    this is my first simple library, named "SilentApp"

    As title, with this library, you can install or uninstall an apk file in background, without the final user, manually accepts the installation.

    I premise that, it works only on ROOTED DEVICE, so for the first time, you must set the root permission to the application.

    Simply call these methods:

    Dim r as string
    r = SilentApp.InstallApk ( 
    "/""test.apk" )
    Dim r as string
    r = SilentApp.UninstallApk ( 
    "packagename" )
    If the result is empty, then everything it's ok!

    I provided an example that it works with the "apptest.apk" file.
    N.B.: You have to copy this "apptest.apk" into your device

    Enjoy! ;)

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  2. itgirl

    itgirl Active Member Licensed User

    That's nice, thank you for this for sure i will give it a try ;)
  3. omidaghakhani1368

    omidaghakhani1368 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    thank you my friend
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  4. androidappl

    androidappl Active Member Licensed User

    Excellent library.
    Will be useful to many ...
  5. Silv

    Silv Member Licensed User

    Is anybody have an idea why i can't compile it?
    Compiling generated Java code. Error
    javac 1.7.0_67
    src\b4a\example\cameraexclass.java:68: error: cannot find symbol
    public b4a.example.silentapp _silentapp = null;
    symbol: class silentapp
    location: package b4a.example
    Note: src\b4a\example\cameraexclass.java uses unchecked or unsafe operations.
    Note: Recompile with -Xlint:unchecked for details.
    1 error

  6. Troberg

    Troberg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    That would be very nice if it was included in B4A-Bridge!
  7. Silv

    Silv Member Licensed User

    What you mean?
  8. Troberg

    Troberg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    So that I didn't need to click on a bunch of OK's to test run my program when running on wifi.
  9. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    It only works on rooted devices.
  10. JakeBullet70

    JakeBullet70 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I am running into the same problem. :(
  11. Reids

    Reids Member Licensed User

    you can use adb over wifi instead B4A bridge to working, just connect your phone hover wifi and type adb connect yourip, it wont request bunch of ok while compiling app to device
  12. Troberg

    Troberg Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Is there any developer who hasn't rooted their device? :)
  13. westingenieria

    westingenieria Active Member Licensed User

    hi, @imgsimonebiliato , why when I download you library(SilentApp) , only have one file with extension xml, but not have correct file extension jar. I can´t open file jar.

    thanks in advanced.
  14. johndb

    johndb Active Member Licensed User

    I downloaded the library zip and there is both the xml and jar. Try downloading it again.
  15. KingEdem

    KingEdem Member Licensed User

    I am also facing similar error... any solution ?
  16. bluedude

    bluedude Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Well, a good developer develops on a system for the group of users he is targeting. Not many people root devices.
  17. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Which b4a version are you using?
  18. KingEdem

    KingEdem Member Licensed User

    Version 3.80

    I observed that, the SilentApp.jar file is corrupt and having only "pk" written when opened in notepad, the file occupped only 22 bytes. Can anyone upload the same here please ....
  19. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Confirm. The lib download in post #1 is less than 1kb. And most of them is the xml file.
    Seems to be broken
  20. KingEdem

    KingEdem Member Licensed User

    The XML file is okay but, SilentApp.jar file is empty. please upload if you have one.
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